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  1. Posted Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at 7:28 pm | Permalink

    I, as well as a number of other avicte bloggers, speak a non-native language with our child/ren (German). Of course, I (and they) wondered at first…and certainly for much of the journey. But I wouldn’t change a thing, at this point, as I listen and beam at my bilingual daughter speaking both German and English at 3. Granted, my (and many of their) situations are different than the situations to which you seemed to be referring in your post…I am part of the majority culture, wanting to give my daughter the gift of a minority culture (that barely exists in our circles). So for me, it’s not a matter of feeling like I can’t speak my native language, but rather, that I am (or more so was, at this point) willing to sacrifice so that my daughter can be bilingual. It may be the same for some of them, I wonder–as much as it may not seem that way on the outside. I can imagine that many minority speakers may be worried about losing/lacking relationship with their children if they speak/push their native language…and in their situations, I can imagine that they may want all the confidence that they can get in as many areas as they can get it…in particular with knowing that they will be able to be and feel close to their children. I recognize that, though some of them may believe that they have to ‘give up’ their native language for whatever reason for their children, others of them may believe that it is in the best interest of their children to support them with the majority language. I assume this is to what you are referring…their erring assumption that they need to give up what would truly be a gift in the end? Of course, I make assumptions here, on your part…but I wanted to add my input, for the way I see it, these parents have the best of intentions, too, and I think they need less of our pity, and more of our support in the endeavor that they are undertaking with their children, too.Thank you for sharing your insight, here…I’d LOVE to hear more, and am excited to see if I can read more, about your time in Germany and how that’s going for you…I have been blogging about our adventure for a few years now, and should you be interested in a few things German, you may find them on my site: http://www.nonnativebilingualism.blogspot.comTake care, Tamara

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