Hellos from the Crypt Contest, sponsored by Sharpie®

We’re excited to announce our new contest for this month sponsored by those awesome peeps over at  Sharpie®. We’re giving away lots of Sharpie® markers and also have a monster of a judge! Read on for more details on how you can enter.


Submit a scary moment with a hello twist by October 31, 2010 and win Sharpie® Twin Tip Permanent Markers, Sharpie Magnum® Permanent Markers, and other cool Sharpie® prizes!


Three (3) winners will receive packages full of Sharpie® Twin Tip Permanent Markers and Sharpie Magnum® Permanent Markers, with the grand prize winner receiving a mystery pack of Sharpie® goodies! As usual, bragging rights are also included.


They say it takes a monster to know a monster. That’s why this month’s guest judge is none other than the talented monster connoisseur, Stefan G. Bucher, from The Daily Monster® (www.dailymonster.com).


  • Must be handmade on a sticky note.
  • Sticky note can be any color.
  • Entries must be scanned at a resolution of no less than 600×600 pixels and sent to contest@thehelloproject.com.
  • All entries must be received by 11:59PM CST on October 31, 2010.
  • There is no limit of entries per person.
  • Contest open to US residents only.

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    Wow! Fascinating! I’m a speech-language pgioolhatst. I saw this on Pinterest and am fascinated by it. Thank you for the step by step explanation. I think this is a form of art I may actually be able to accomplish! Very cool!

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